THANKS MIKE (Wrestling Soup 8/15/19)Aug 16, 2019 Listen
DEEP DOWN SHE'S A SWEET GAL or TIME FOR SUMMERFEST(Wrestling Soup 8/8/19)Aug 09, 2019 Listen
SUNDAY SHENANIGANS (Wrestling Soup 8/4/19)Aug 05, 2019 Listen
THE ANGRY SHOW or WHAT ABOUT PUNK? (Wrestling Soup 7/25/19)Jul 27, 2019 Listen
RIGHT TO FA or SETH ROGAN DOESNT COMPLAIN (Wrestling Soup 7/18/19)Jul 19, 2019 Listen
EXTREME RULES 2019 POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 7/14/19)Jul 15, 2019 Listen
FAKE FIGHT or REAL WORK?(Wrestling Soup 7/11/19)Jul 12, 2019 Listen
WRESTLING SOUP REWIND - MICHELLE CARTER (Wrestling Soup 7/10/19)Jul 11, 2019 Listen
POUND FIST POUND DAWG or JUSTICE ISN'T SOCIAL (7/4/19 Wrestling Soup)Jul 06, 2019 Listen
FYTER FYST OR NOTHING POST SHOW (6/29/19 Wrestling Soup)Jun 30, 2019 Listen
TWITTER AIDS or IS IT ENOUGH? (Wrestling Soup 6/27/19)Jun 28, 2019 Listen
WWE STOMPING GROUNDS 2019 POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 6/23/19)Jun 24, 2019 Listen
UN-PC? or THE RISE AND FALL OF THE 6 FIGURE MAN (Wrestling Soup 6/13/19)Jun 15, 2019 Listen
SAINT BUBBA or BEST BIRFDAY EVER (Wrestling Soup 6/6/19)Jun 08, 2019 Listen
POOP SOUP or MOXLEY SPEAKS (Wrestling Soup 5/30/19)May 31, 2019 Listen
DOUBLE or NOTHING POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 5/25/19)May 26, 2019 Listen
THE FOOT IN THE DOOR or DOUBLE OR IN (Wrestling Soup 5/23/19)May 24, 2019 Listen
MONEY IN THE BANK POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 5/19/19)May 20, 2019 Listen
GAME OF THRONES or MONEY IN THE BANK? (Wrestling Soup 5/16/19)May 18, 2019 Listen
SHATTERED DREAMS or REVIVING THE REVIVAL (Wrestling Soup 5/9/19)May 11, 2019 Listen
IDGAF MEALS or THE JON DRAPER SHOW (Wrestling Soup 5/2/19)May 04, 2019 Listen
THE KEVIN CASTLE & JON DRAPER SHOW (Wrestling Soup 4/25/19)Apr 26, 2019 Listen
BETTER THINGS ON TV (Wrestling Soup 4/18/19)Apr 19, 2019 Listen
NO MORE MUTANTS or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 4/14/19)Apr 15, 2019 Listen
BANGING BUTTS TOGETHER or SOUP PARTY WEEKEND RECAP (Wrestling Soup 4/12/19)Apr 13, 2019 Listen
WRESTLEMANIA 35 POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 4/11/19)Apr 12, 2019 Listen
WRESTLEMANIA PREDICTIONS & FAREWELLS (Wrestling Soup 4/4/19)Apr 05, 2019 Listen
YAAS QUEEN or KNASH (Wrestling Soup 3/31/19)Mar 31, 2019 Listen
LIKE. TOTALLY. UHMM. YA'KNOW? (Wrestling Soup 3/28/19)Mar 29, 2019 Listen
C2E2 PRE-GAME or 2 WEEKS LEFT (Wrestling Soup 3/21/19)Mar 23, 2019 Listen
THE SHORT LIST or SMUSHIBOCKS (Wrestling Soup 3/14/19)Mar 18, 2019 Listen
JUDGERUMBLECHAMBERLANE POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 3/10/19)Mar 11, 2019 Listen
SO SAD SOUP or FASTLANE PREDICTIONS (Wrestling Soup 3/7/19)Mar 08, 2019 Listen
COACH MARTHA or WSPTSESBS (Wrestling Soup 3/3/19)Mar 04, 2019 Listen
BRINGING BACK KAYFABE or TOO SOON? (Wrestling Soup 2/28/19)Mar 01, 2019 Listen
CONNING THE PODCASTERS or MOODY (2/21/19 Wrestling Soup)Feb 23, 2019 Listen
ELIMINATION CHAMBER POST SHOW (2/17/19 Wrestling Soup)Feb 18, 2019 Listen
CONDUCTED ENERGY WEAPONS or PFOOT PFOOT PFOOT! (Wrestling Soup 2/14/19)Feb 16, 2019 Listen
MISSIONARY POSITION: WOW EP4 RECAP (2/9/19 Wrestling Soup)Feb 10, 2019 Listen
AEW TICKET PARTY or WRESTLING SOUP RUINS THINGS (Wrestling Soup 2/7/19 )Feb 08, 2019 Listen
MISSIONARY POSITION: WOW EP3 RECAP (2/1/19 Wrestling Soup)Feb 02, 2019 Listen
ANTAGONIZING THE WOMB or DEANGOESBYEBYESINTHECAR (1/31/19 Wrestling Soup)Feb 01, 2019 Listen
THE MEGA ROYAL RUMBLE POST SHOW (1/27/19 Wrestling Soup)Jan 29, 2019 Listen
ROYAL RUMBLE DOUGHNUT(1/24/19 Wrestling Soup)Jan 25, 2019 Listen
WSPTSMSBS or EVERYONES GETTING PAID! (1/20/19 Wrestling Soup)Jan 21, 2019 Listen
RUMORS or WHATCHA GONNA DO OOSE? (1/17/19 Wrestling Soup)Jan 18, 2019 Listen
MARRY THE POPPY or TONY CONNED (1/10/19 Wrestling Soup)Jan 11, 2019 Listen
AEW or COO COO CRAIG (Wrestling Soup 1/3/19 )Jan 04, 2019 Listen
POOP KNIFE (Wrestling Soup 12/30/18)Dec 31, 2018 Listen
Wrestling Soup 12/20/18Dec 21, 2018 Listen
TLC POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 12/16/18)Dec 17, 2018 Listen
EMBARRASSING or ITS OKAY THEY'RE FRIENDS (Wrestling Soup 12/13/18)Dec 14, 2018 Listen
DANI or STUFF (Wrestling Soup 12/6/18)Dec 11, 2018 Listen
FAKEAPEDO or JULIAN CANON (Wrestling Soup 11/22/18)Nov 30, 2018 Listen
THANKSGIVING MINISODE (Wrestling Soup 11/22/18)Nov 23, 2018 Listen
SURVIVOR SERIES POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 11/18/18)Nov 19, 2018 Listen
ACCIDENT or INTENTIONAL (Wrestling Soup 11/15/18)Nov 11, 2018 Listen
LIL ZO or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 11/11/18)Nov 18, 2018 Listen
WREGRETS or THROWIN UP 6'S FOR THE KIDS (Wrestling Soup 11/8/18)Nov 09, 2018 Listen
MAGIC!! or CROWN JEWEL POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 11/2/18)Nov 02, 2018 Listen
CROWNIEST OF JEWELS or BOSTON "KAKA" EATERS (Wrestling Soup 11/1/18)Nov 02, 2018 Listen
EVOLUTION POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 10/28/18)Oct 29, 2018 Listen
EVOLUTION PREDICTIONS (Wrestling Soup 10/27/18 XTRA)Oct 28, 2018 Listen
THE JON DRAPER & KEVIN CASTLE (Wrestling Soup 10/25/18)Oct 26, 2018 Listen
CLICK* or ITS NOT WATER, ITS FIRE (Wrestling Soup 10/18/18)Oct 19, 2018 Listen
WELCOME BACK SH!TBOX (Wrestling Soup 10/14/18)Oct 15, 2018 Listen
ITS A TRAP! or SOUPBOT SAYS (Wrestling Soup 10/11/18)Oct 13, 2018 Listen
THE LONELIEST ROAD or DANIEL BELLA (Wrestling Soup 10/4/18)Oct 05, 2018 Listen
IF YOU'RE AIRING DIRTY LAUNDRY (Wrestling Soup 9/27/18 )Sep 28, 2018 Listen
CRICKETS or NO ONE WANTS TO SEE GRANDPA WRESTLE (Wrestling Soup 9/20/18 )Sep 21, 2018 Listen
HECK IN A RED CELL 2018 POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 9/16/18 )Sep 16, 2018 Listen
FAT DAMAGE SOUP or JOE NUMBAS AMA (Wrestling Soup 9/13/18 )Sep 19, 2018 Listen
THE NAD SHOW (Wrestling Soup 9/6/18)Sep 07, 2018 Listen
READ THE ROOM or ALL OUT (Wrestling Soup 8/31/18 )Sep 02, 2018 Listen
BECKY 3:16 or PREDATORY WINKS (Wrestling Soup 8/23/18)Aug 24, 2018 Listen
SUMMERSLAM 2018 POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 8/19/18)Aug 20, 2018 Listen
NXT TAKEOVER BROOKLYN IV POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 8/18/18)Aug 19, 2018 Listen
DONT LICK YOUR FINGERS AFTER SHAKING RANDY'S HAND (Wrestling Soup 8/16/18)Aug 17, 2018 Listen
RAWS NEW ANNOUNCER or COLT VERSUS PUNK (Wrestling Soup 8/9/18)Aug 10, 2018 Listen
K&J SHOW (Wrestling Soup 8/2/18)Aug 03, 2018 Listen
RETURN OF FALSE COUNT RADIO or EVOLUTION INTO WHAT? (Wrestling Soup 7/26/18)Jul 27, 2018 Listen
A HAND SHAKE or NIKKI BELLAS BROKEN LOVE BUTTON (Wrestling Soup 7/19/18)Jul 21, 2018 Listen
EXTREMEISH RULES POST SHOW 2018 (Wrestling Soup 7/15/18)Jul 16, 2018 Listen
JOE'S RAW or #MISHTOO (Wrestling Soup 7/13/18)Jul 13, 2018 Listen
A STORYLINE TOO FAR or LIL MONDO (Wrestling Soup 7/5/18)Jul 06, 2018 Listen
SUNDAY EPISODE #4129 (Wrestling Soup 7/1/18)Jul 02, 2018 Listen
VOLCANOS or NO WRESTLING TALK (Wrestling Soup 6/28/18)Jun 29, 2018 Listen
NO ARMS or NO CASS (Wrestling Soup 6/21/18)Jun 22, 2018 Listen
A CONSENSUAL LIBIYA (Wrestling Soup XTRA Helping 6/18/18)Jun 18, 2018 Listen
MITB POST SHOW 2018 (Wrestling Soup 6/17/18)Jun 18, 2018 Listen
WRESTLING SAFE SPACES or MITB 2018 PREDICTIONS (Wrestling Soup 6/14/18)Jun 15, 2018 Listen
N'ZO DROPPING BEETS (Wrestling Soup XTRA Helping 6/12/18)Jun 13, 2018 Listen
NO MORE UFC or FRIENDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS (Wrestling Soup 6/10/18)Jun 10, 2018 Listen
MEPHANIE STICKMAN DEAF AND UNDERCOVER (Wrestling Soup 6/7/18)Jun 08, 2018 Listen
COVERT (Wrestling Soup 6/6/18)Jun 06, 2018 Listen
THE MAD DOCTOR or THE FRANK N GUS SHOW (Wrestling Soup 5/31/18)Jun 01, 2018 Listen
SMASH SHOW or APOLOGY TOUR 2.0 (Wrestling Soup 5/27/18)May 27, 2018 Listen
EATING or MILK (Wrestling Soup 5/24/18)May 25, 2018 Listen
THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD or SHOUTING AT STRANGERS (Wrestling Soup 5/17/18)May 18, 2018 Listen
PAIGESBOYFRIENDSBAND or A SHOW ABOUT NOTHING (Wrestling Soup 5/13/18)May 13, 2018 Listen
OYSTER CRACKERS or A BOWL OF PLASTIC FRUIT (Wrestling Soup 5/10/18)May 11, 2018 Listen
BACKLASH POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 5/6/18)May 07, 2018 Listen
WHO ISNT OVERRATED or GREG (Wrestling Soup 5/3/18)May 04, 2018 Listen
EVERYONES A NERD or WWE APOLOGIZES (Wrestling Soup 4/29/18)Apr 30, 2018 Listen
THE ROCK SAYS or LESSONS IN PROFESSIONALISM (Wrestling Soup 4/26/18)Apr 27, 2018 Listen
LIKE CHILDREN or OLD PEOPLE SPOTS (Wrestling Soup 4/19/18)Apr 20, 2018 Listen
DYING VERSITY (Wrestling Soup 4/15/18)Apr 15, 2018 Listen
CARDI B LOVE MUSIC or WHAAAAA? (Wrestling Soup 4/12/18)Apr 13, 2018 Listen
WSDTKC WRESTLEMANIA POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 4/8/18)Apr 10, 2018 Listen
WRESTLEMANIA "CALL IN" AFTERPARTY (Wrestling Soup 4/8/18)Apr 09, 2018 Listen
NXT TAKEOVER POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 4/7/18)Apr 07, 2018 Listen
THE LONG ROAD TO MANIA IS UP (Wrestling Soup 4/5/18)Apr 06, 2018 Listen
LEFT RIGHT LEFT or MANIA ENTRANCES (Wrestling Soup 4/1/18)Apr 02, 2018 Listen
TIME TRAVEL or APRIL 9TH IN NAWLEANS (Wrestling Soup 3/30/18)Mar 30, 2018 Listen
WELCOME BACK DANIEL BRYAN or PODCAST ONE DRAMA (Wrestling Soup 3/22/18)Mar 23, 2018 Listen
JUST A COUPLE OF DUDES TAKING A PICTURE or NO APOLOGIES (Wrestling Soup 3/18/18)Mar 18, 2018 Listen
TAKE MY TUNA & MORTADELLA AND GO HOME AWARDS (Wrestling Soup 3/16/18)Mar 17, 2018 Listen
FASTLANE POST SHOW or RENEE'S JACKET (Wrestling Soup 3/11/18)Mar 12, 2018 Listen
(RE-UPLOADED) THE RETURN OF PSM GUY or A COUNTRY BOY (Wrestling Soup 3/8/18)Mar 09, 2018 Listen
THE RETURN OF PSM GUY or A COUNTRY BOY (Wrestling Soup 3/8/18)Mar 09, 2018 Listen
LAZY BORK LAZER or LIL JON HATES SOUP (Wrestling Soup 3/4/18)Mar 04, 2018 Listen
21 SAVAGE GARDEN or DUN DUN DUNN (Wrestling Soup 3/1/18)Mar 02, 2018 Listen
ELIMINATION CHAMBER POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 2/26/18)Feb 26, 2018 Listen
RED HERRING GAUNTLET or TENACIOUS (Wrestling Soup 2/22/18)Feb 23, 2018 Listen
PTEROPHOBIA or WRESTLING SOUP CONFESSIONAL (Wrestling Soup 2/18/18)Feb 19, 2018 Listen
POMPADOUR or FUPA (Wrestling Soup 2/15/18)Feb 16, 2018 Listen
RCWR SHOW HAS SOME SOUP or PIXELATED RICHARDS (Wrestling Soup 2/8/18)Feb 09, 2018 Listen
SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY (Wrestling Soup 2/4/18)Feb 05, 2018 Listen
MAKING FAT MONEY or GET THESE HANDS (Wrestling Soup 2/1/18)Feb 02, 2018 Listen
ROYAL RUMBLE POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 1/28/18)Jan 29, 2018 Listen
A BOWL OF SOUPLEX CITY LIMITS (Wrestling Soup 1/25/18)Jan 26, 2018 Listen
CONTROLLED DOSES or WHO GETS A SEAT? (Wrestling Soup 1/18/18)Jan 19, 2018 Listen
THATS NO WAY TO TALK TO YOUR FATHER or GOODBYE WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 1/13/18)Jan 13, 2018 Listen
EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK or VERY SPECIAL TOTAL DIVAS (Wrestling Soup 1/11/18)Jan 13, 2018 Listen
EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK or VERY SPECIAL TOTAL DIVAS (Wrestling Soup 1/11/18)Jan 07, 2018 Listen
WHOOOA or FIRE ME ALREADY(Wrestling Soup 1/5/18)Jan 05, 2018 Listen
WHY SPACE TRAVEL DIDNT BEAT PORN (Wrestling Soup 12/28/17)Dec 29, 2017 Listen
A NIGHT WITH SOME BLACK GUY or DERRICK BLACKMAN (Wrestling Soup 12/21/17)Dec 22, 2017 Listen
CLASH OF CHAMPIONS POST PPV SHOW(Wrestling Soup 12/17/17)Dec 18, 2017 Listen
CAN YOU HANDLE IT or SCUMBAG OF A PERSON (Wrestling Soup 12/14/17)Dec 15, 2017 Listen
SATURDAY MORNING or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 12/10/17)Dec 09, 2017 Listen
THE DRAMA or RHONDA DOUGHNUTS (Wrestling Soup 12/7/17)Dec 08, 2017 Listen
MAMBO #WOO or WSPTSMSBS(Wrestling Soup 12/3/17)Dec 04, 2017 Listen
OMEGLE THERAPY or DARKER SOUP(Wrestling Soup 11/30/17)Dec 01, 2017 Listen
PEOPLE WHO LIKE JINDER ARE LYING or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 11/25/17)Nov 26, 2017 Listen
SURVIVOR SERIES POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 11/19/17)Nov 20, 2017 Listen
REVIE STAY or SS PREVIEW (Wrestling Soup 11/16/17)Nov 17, 2017 Listen
THE NASTY NATION or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 11/11/17)Nov 12, 2017 Listen
CONTRACTS or CRUISES (Wrestling Soup 11/9/17)Nov 10, 2017 Listen
DIRT or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 11/4/17)Nov 07, 2017 Listen
EVEN IF THE WORLD WAS FLAT (Wrestling Soup 11/2/17)Nov 03, 2017 Listen
SEXUAL WISDOM or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 10/28/17)Oct 29, 2017 Listen
TEARS EGGPLANT 100 or WHAT WAS ON THAT FINGER? (Wrestling Soup 10/26/17)Oct 27, 2017 Listen
TENDER LOVING CARE POST PPV SHOW (Wrestling Soup 10/22/17)Oct 23, 2017 Listen
APOLOGIES FOR COMEDIANS or PUMPKIN CROSS DRESSER (Wrestling Soup 10/19/17)Oct 20, 2017 Listen
WELCOME TO MURICA or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 10/15/17)Oct 16, 2017 Listen
JUST TREAT WOMEN LIKE THE ROCK (Wrestling Soup 10/12/17)Oct 13, 2017 Listen
HECK IN A BOX POST PPV SHOW (Wrestling Soup 10/9/17)Oct 09, 2017 Listen
THE 20 YEAR PLAN or WALGREENS PUNK(Wrestling Soup 10/6/17)Oct 06, 2017 Listen
WSPTSMSBSSP1ANDWSPTSNSBSP2 (Wrestling Soup 10/2/17)Oct 02, 2017 Listen
UNDER THE FINGERNAIL or DONT KILL CENA (Wrestling Soup 9/28/17)Sep 30, 2017 Listen
NO MERCY POST PPV SHOW (Wrestling Soup 9/25/17)Sep 25, 2017 Listen
BROS A SAVAGE or SURVEYS (Wrestling Soup 9/21/17)Sep 22, 2017 Listen
WE'RE SORRY MICHAEL or WSPTSMSBS PT.2 (Wrestling Soup 9/17/17)Sep 17, 2017 Listen
THE 4TH WALL PROMOS or STEVIE RAY IS A PUNK WITH AN AGENDA (Wrestling Soup 9/14/17)Sep 15, 2017 Listen
DON EAST CRAAAZY DEAARS or WSPTSMSBS PART 2 (Wrestling Soup 9/10/17)Sep 10, 2017 Listen
SEASON 4 of WSPTSMSBS PART 1 (Wrestling Soup 9/9/17)Sep 10, 2017 Listen
BRIE MODE or PANTY JO? (Wrestling Soup 9/7/17)Sep 08, 2017 Listen
LADIES NIGHT or IS IT A WORK? (Wrestling Soup 8/31/17)Sep 01, 2017 Listen
YOU WANNA WHAT YOUR DAU-GHER? or THE #BUSFLIP 2017 (Wrestling Soup 8/24/17)Aug 26, 2017 Listen
SUMMERSLAM POST PPV SHOW (Wrestling Soup 8/20/17)Aug 21, 2017 Listen
ZOSHOWLISTS or THE ASIAN GUY WINS (Wrestling Soup 8/17/17)Aug 18, 2017 Listen
40 YEARS AGO WE WERE THE BEST(Wrestling Soup 8/10/17)Aug 11, 2017 Listen
NOTHING HAPPENED or I APPRECIATE THIS RIDE (Wrestling Soup 8/3/17)Aug 04, 2017 Listen
SOLOMONSTER SOUPS OFF III (Wrestling Soup 7/27/17)Jul 28, 2017 Listen
BATTLEGROUND POST PPV SHOW (Wrestling Soup 7/23/17)Jul 24, 2017 Listen
MARIA THE DOM or THE MEAT IS BAD (Wrestling Soup 7/20/17)Jul 21, 2017 Listen
THEHARDTIMES.NET or THE FALL OF PAIGE (Wrestling Soup 7/13/17)Jul 14, 2017 Listen
GBOF POST PPV SHOW (Wrestling Soup 7/9/17)Jul 10, 2017 Listen
THE FORGOTTEN INDY DARLINGS or GBOF ROUNDUP (Wrestling Soup 7/6/17)Jul 07, 2017 Listen
KEVIN CASTLE COME OUT TO PLAY or HOW MAN WOMEN SCOTT? (Wrestling Soup 6/29/17)Jun 30, 2017 Listen
TAMINA "RINSE & REPEAT" SNUKA or GLUB GLUB (Wrestling Soup 6/22/17)Jun 23, 2017 Listen
MITB POST PPV SHOW (Wrestling Soup 6/18/17)Jun 19, 2017 Listen
SHE FAILS TO OPERATE AT AN ELITE LEVEL (Wrestling Soup 6/16/17)Jun 16, 2017 Listen
JANE KEVORKIAN or TAPAS (Wrestling Soup 6/8/17)Jun 09, 2017 Listen
EXTREME RULES POST PPV SHOW (Wrestling Soup 6/4/17)Jun 05, 2017 Listen
FREEDOM FOR COMEDY or JBL 3.0 (Wrestling Soup 6/1/17)Jun 03, 2017 Listen
SEASON 3 FINALE or THE SCREENER AWAKENS (Wrestling Soup 5/27/17)May 28, 2017 Listen
CREATIVE MARKETING or BAD BOOKING (Wrestling Soup 5/25/17)May 26, 2017 Listen
WWE BACKLASH POST PPV SHOW (Wrestling Soup 5/21/17)May 22, 2017 Listen
LIBERAL FASCISTS or INDIES THEN (Wrestling Soup 5/19/17)May 19, 2017 Listen
J&J SHOW DOS or READ ME MORE (Wrestling Soup 5/13/17)May 14, 2017 Listen
WHO'S FEELINGS? or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 5/7/17)May 08, 2017 Listen
ACCOUNTABILITY or BE STRONG MR WALTMAN (Wrestling Soup 5/5/17)May 05, 2017 Listen
PAYBACK POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 4/30/17)May 01, 2017 Listen
THE ARTIST or FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY (Wrestling Soup 4/27/17)Apr 28, 2017 Listen
FUNERAL SELFIES or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 4/22/17)Apr 23, 2017 Listen
JUST A MAN AND HIS DUMMY (Wrestling Soup 4/20/17)Apr 21, 2017 Listen
OPEN THE VAULT or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 4/15/17)Apr 16, 2017 Listen
THE JBL SITUATION or THE BRAUN BACKFIRE (Wrestling Soup 4/13/17)Apr 14, 2017 Listen
LATE NIGHT WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 4/8/17)Apr 09, 2017 Listen
BIG STUPID WHITE GUY or PEPSI LIVES MATTER (Wrestling Soup 4/6/17)Apr 03, 2017 Listen
WRESTLEMANIA 33 DTKC SOUPER SHOW (Wrestling Soup 4/3/17)Apr 03, 2017 Listen
WRESTLEMANIA 33 PREDICTIONS (Wrestling Soup 3/30/17)Mar 31, 2017 Listen
WELL BALANCED INDIVIDUALS or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 3/25/17)Mar 26, 2017 Listen
PODCAST DRAMA or DAMN CLOUDS (Wrestling Soup 3/24/17)Mar 24, 2017 Listen
WOODS AND MADDOX ARE ON THE SAME PAIGE (Wrestling Soup 3/18/17)Mar 19, 2017 Listen
OH NO or ANTI-MARRIAGE (Wrestling Soup 3/16/17)Mar 17, 2017 Listen
A SQUEAKY TOY XMAS or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 3/12/17)Mar 13, 2017 Listen
NAME THE IMPACT OWL or BIRDIE JOE (Wrestling Soup 3/10/17)Mar 10, 2017 Listen
FASTLANE POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 3/5/17)Mar 06, 2017 Listen
LIES FROM THE GRAVE (Wrestling Soup 3/2/17)Mar 03, 2017 Listen
OL' MOUTHF### TOM or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 2/26/17)Feb 27, 2017 Listen
INTERPRETIVE DANCE or 205 LIVES? (Wrestling Soup 2/23/17)Feb 24, 2017 Listen
A WSPTSMSBS QUICKIE (Wrestling Soup 2/18/17)Feb 19, 2017 Listen
PASSED or WICKED (Wrestling Soup 2/16/17)Feb 17, 2017 Listen
ELIMINATION CHAMBER POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 2/12/17)Feb 13, 2017 Listen
GOODBYE MARIE or SALES ARE UP (Wrestling Soup 2/9/17-)Feb 10, 2017 Listen
3AMWSPTSMSBSMWM (Wrestling Soup 2/5/17)Feb 05, 2017 Listen
THE PLAN or SD IS BEST (Wrestling Soup 2/2/17)Feb 03, 2017 Listen
ROYAL RUMBLE POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 1/29/17)Jan 30, 2017 Listen
RR Breakdown or NSFW (Wrestling Soup 1/26/17)Jan 27, 2017 Listen
WRESTLING SOUP DOUBLE FEATURE (Wrestling Soup 1/21/17)Jan 22, 2017 Listen
FCCLOL (Wrestling Soup 1/12/17)Jan 13, 2017 Listen
WHAT KIND OF BIRD IS THAT? or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 1/7/17)Jan 08, 2017 Listen
INACCURATE HOMOPHOBIC PSYCHICS or ABORT MISSION (Wrestling Soup 1/5/17)Jan 06, 2017 Listen
LAST BOWL OF 2016 (Wrestling Soup 12/29/16)Dec 31, 2016 Listen
MERRY SOUPMAS? (Wrestling Soup 12/22/16)Dec 23, 2016 Listen
BOWL FOR ONE (Wrestling Soup 12/15/16)Dec 16, 2016 Listen
WRESTLING S2342388OôE(%& (Wrestling Soup 12/11/16)Dec 12, 2016 Listen
TLC POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 12/4/16)Dec 05, 2016 Listen
DON TONY or JOEY NUMBAS (Wrestling Soup 12/1/16)Dec 02, 2016 Listen
WSPTSMSBS or CENAS $300 BOTTLE OF WINE (Wrestling Soup 11/26/16)Nov 27, 2016 Listen
SURVIVOR SERIES POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 11/20/16)Nov 21, 2016 Listen
TAG TEAM HUNGER CHAMPIONS (Wrestling Soup 11/17/16)Nov 18, 2016 Listen
DONALD TRUMPS AMERICA or SIGN POOPER (Wrestling Soup 11/10/16)Nov 11, 2016 Listen
THE TALKY TALKY or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 11/6/16)Nov 07, 2016 Listen
THOSE WERE THE DAYS (Wrestling Soup 11/4/16)Nov 04, 2016 Listen
NEGAN or WRESTLING DYNAMIC (Wrestling Soup 10/27/16)Oct 28, 2016 Listen
JOEY'S DEATH BED MATRESS EMPORIUM or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 10/22/16)Oct 22, 2016 Listen
MEMBER? (Wrestling Soup 10/20/16)Oct 21, 2016 Listen
TURN THE PAIGE or WTF KEVIN? (Wrestling Soup 10/15/16)Oct 16, 2016 Listen
NO MERCY POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 10/10/16)Oct 10, 2016 Listen
STABBY WEEK or BELLAS (Wrestling Soup 10/6/16)Oct 07, 2016 Listen
PHILANTHROPY or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 10/1/16)Oct 02, 2016 Listen
THE FINAL DEATH OF TNA SUPERSHOW (Wrestling Soup 9/29/16)Sep 30, 2016 Listen
CLASH OF CHAMPIONS POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 9/25/16)Sep 26, 2016 Listen
LUKE or A BLAND WEEK (Wrestling Soup 9/22/16)Sep 23, 2016 Listen
NO MORE GIMMICKS? or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 9/17/16)Sep 17, 2016 Listen
THE CALL-IN SHOW WE PROMISED(Wrestling Soup 9/15/16)Sep 16, 2016 Listen
THE LINE FOR ICE CREAM IS LONGER THAN THE LINE FOR RYBACK (Wrestling Soup 9/15/16)Sep 16, 2016 Listen
WWE BACKLASH POST PPV SHOW (Wrestling Soup 9/11/16)Sep 12, 2016 Listen
BRAUN STROKIN or WHYS EVERYONE GOTTA YUK YUK? (Wrestling Soup 9/8/16)Sep 09, 2016 Listen
NO THUMB NO KNIFE or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 9/3/16)Sep 03, 2016 Listen
THE FILTHY CASUAL 500 or LORD OF SITTING (Wrestling Soup 9/1/16)Sep 02, 2016 Listen
COLDLIKEMISHNNUMBAS or WSPTSMSBS(Wrestling Soup 8/27/16)Aug 28, 2016 Listen
THE DELICIOUS TANYA TATE (Wrestling Soup 8/25/16)Aug 26, 2016 Listen
WWE SUMMERSLAM POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 8/21/16)Aug 22, 2016 Listen
SARAYAS MAD WORLD or WSPTSMSBS(Wrestling Soup 8/19/16)Aug 20, 2016 Listen
UH OH HERE WE GO or THE HYPE TRAIN(Wrestling Soup 8/18/16)Aug 19, 2016 Listen
WSPTSMSBS or FROID COMME MINNESOTA (Wrestling Soup 8/13/16)Aug 14, 2016 Listen
JAMES ELLSWORTH or COLSLIKMINESSOTA (Wrestling Soup 8/11/16)Aug 12, 2016 Listen
WSPTSMSB TEASER (Wrestling Soup 8/6/16)Aug 07, 2016 Listen
SMACKDOWN or RAW (Wrestling Soup 8/4/16)Aug 05, 2016 Listen
MR. I TRIED MY BEST or HE'S A WRESTLER! (Wrestling Soup 7/28/16)Jul 29, 2016 Listen
WWE BATTLEGROUND POST PPV (Wrestling Soup 7/24/16)Jul 26, 2016 Listen
THE OFFICIAL PIG SLAMMER OF WWE or DRAFT 2016 (Wrestling Soup 7/21/16)Jul 23, 2016 Listen
NETWORK SHOWS (Wrestling Soup 7/14/16)Jul 15, 2016 Listen
BEATING UP WALL-E or BEEPIN GIRLS (Wrestling Soup 7/7/16)Jul 08, 2016 Listen
CJ RETURNS or THINGS N STUFF (Wrestling Soup 6/30/16)Jul 01, 2016 Listen
IM NOT A GOOD GUY. IM NOT A BAD GUY. I JUST EAT GUYS. (Wrestling Soup 6/23/16)Jun 24, 2016 Listen
MITB POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 6/19/16)Jun 20, 2016 Listen
CONTENT OVER QUALITY or WHERES FINN? (Wrestling Soup 6/16/16)Jun 17, 2016 Listen
ARE YOU OK? or ONEY LORCAN (Wrestling Soup 6/9/16)Jun 10, 2016 Listen
WRESTLING SOUP w/ Felicia Rose (Wrestling Soup 6/2/16)Jun 03, 2016 Listen
WSPTSMSB SEASON 1 FINALE (Wrestling Soup 5/28/16)May 29, 2016 Listen
WWE IS PEG BUNDY or A GOOD CRY (Wrestling Soup 5/26/16)May 27, 2016 Listen
EXTREME RULES POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 5/22/16)May 23, 2016 Listen
BILL CHING or THE PELICANS... THE PELICANS... (Wrestling Soup 5/19/16)May 20, 2016 Listen
POOR GUY or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 5/14/16)May 15, 2016 Listen
THE JOE N JON SHOW (Wrestling Soup 5/12/16)May 14, 2016 Listen
WSPTSMSN (Wrestling Soup 5/7/16)May 07, 2016 Listen
LUKE or CHEESE IT (Wrestling Soup 5/5/16)May 06, 2016 Listen
PAYBACK PPV (Wrestling Soup 5/1/16)May 02, 2016 Listen
FRED THE SHED or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 4/30/16)May 01, 2016 Listen
TNA'S GARBAGE or KEVIN CASTLED (Wrestling Soup 4/28/16)Apr 29, 2016 Listen
CENA MEME or WSPTSMSB (Wrestling Soup 4/23/16)Apr 24, 2016 Listen
ASIAN 9 or THE TAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION (Wrestling Soup 4/21/16)Apr 22, 2016 Listen
JOE NUMBAS SOLO SHOW AND WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 4/16/16)Apr 17, 2016 Listen
YA GET IT? or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 4/9/16)Apr 09, 2016 Listen
PICKING UP THE MUFFIN PIECES (Wrestling Soup 4/7/16)Apr 08, 2016 Listen
WRESTLEMANIA POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 4/3/16)Apr 04, 2016 Listen
nXt TAKEOVER DALLAS or WSPTSMSB (Wrestling Soup 4/2/16)Apr 03, 2016 Listen
WHY DO PEOPLE HATE YOU SO MUCH? (Wrestling Soup 3/31/16)Apr 01, 2016 Listen
THE RETURN OF DANNY VU or WSPTSMSBS(Wrestling Soup 3/26/16)Mar 27, 2016 Listen
THE ROCK IS HALF COOKIE or IT'S A NEW DAY MICHAEL HAYES(Wrestling Soup 3/24/16)Mar 25, 2016 Listen
"WITH" THE DAN SODER(Wrestling Soup 3/19/16)Mar 20, 2016 Listen
A NIGHT WITH DERRICK PIERCE(Wrestling Soup 3/17/16)Mar 18, 2016 Listen
ROADBLOCK POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 3/12/16)bMar 13, 2016 Listen
SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 3/12/16)Mar 12, 2016 Listen
TERRY BOLLEA or HULK HOGAN?(Wrestling Soup 3/10/16)Mar 11, 2016 Listen
WSPTSMSBS or GREASERS (Wrestling Soup 3/5/16)Mar 06, 2016 Listen
SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE or 15 YEAR GRIPES (Wrestling Soup 3/4/16)Mar 04, 2016 Listen
WSPTSMSB or MART of WAL's (Wrestling Soup 2/27/16)Feb 28, 2016 Listen
THE JOEY N JON SPECTACULAR (Wrestling Soup 2/26/16)Feb 26, 2016 Listen
FAST LANE POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 2/21/16)Feb 22, 2016 Listen
DANNY VU PRESENTS THE SMSB (Wrestling Soup 2/20/16)Feb 20, 2016 Listen
HIM HIM!! or SJW PODCAST WARRIORS (Wrestling Soup 2/18/16)Feb 19, 2016 Listen
FARTING ON PICTURES or WSPTSMSB (Wrestling Soup 2/13/16)Feb 14, 2016 Listen
FAREWELL DANIEL BRYAN (Wrestling Soup 2/12/16)Feb 12, 2016 Listen
WSPTSMSBS or A BERNIE SANDERS AMERICA (Wrestling Soup 2/6/16)Feb 07, 2016 Listen
HOW DARE YOU! or SUNNY SIDE UP: THE REVIEW (Wrestling Soup 2/4/16)Feb 05, 2016 Listen
WSPTSMSBS or THE 2015 WRESTLING SOUPIES (Wrestling Soup 1/30/16)Jan 31, 2016 Listen
ITS ALWAYS SUNNY or GONNA PRAY WITH LOTS OF PRAYERS (Wrestling Soup 1/28/16)Jan 29, 2016 Listen
ROYAL RUMBLE POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 1/25/16)Jan 25, 2016 Listen
CAN YOU GIVE ME A SUNSET FLIP? or DENYING SUCCESS (Wrestling Soup 1/21/16)Jan 22, 2016 Listen
VINTAGE ROMAN REIGNS or FRIENDS OF CENA (Wrestling Soup 1/14/16)Jan 15, 2016 Listen
Sunday Evening WSPTSMSB (Wrestling Soup 1/10/16)Jan 11, 2016 Listen
2016 (Wrestling Soup 1/7/16)Jan 08, 2016 Listen
MERRY SOUPMAS (Wrestling Soup 12/22/15)Dec 24, 2015 Listen
IMPLICITLY HAPPY or HONEST or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 12/19/15)Dec 20, 2015 Listen
NXT IS GOOD or LESS TALK MORE HIT (Wrestling Soup 12/17/15)Dec 18, 2015 Listen
TLC POST SHOW w/Solomonster (Wrestling Soup 12/13/15)Dec 14, 2015 Listen
THE QUEENS CRISPS or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 12/12/15)Dec 12, 2015 Listen
SON or NO NO NO NO NO (Wrestling Soup 12/10/15)Dec 11, 2015 Listen
WWE LIFE or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 12/5/15)Dec 06, 2015 Listen
DEPRESSING STATES TOUR or WWE MERCH RETURNS (Wrestling Soup 12/3/15)Dec 04, 2015 Listen
REBRANDING or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 11/28/15)Nov 29, 2015 Listen
SURVIVOR SERIES POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 11/22/15)Nov 23, 2015 Listen
HOLLYWOOD GRIEF PORN or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 11/21/15)Nov 21, 2015 Listen
CHICAGO SMILE or EVA MARIES TRUE POTENTIAL (Wrestling Soup 11/19/15)Nov 20, 2015 Listen
BOSTON PC COMEDY FEST or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 11/14/15)Nov 15, 2015 Listen
EQUALITY IN NXT or REIGNS & AMBROSE (Wrestling Soup 11/12/15)Nov 13, 2015 Listen
THE MYSTERIOUS LIST or TUESDAY NIGHT SOUP (Wrestling Soup 11/10/15)Nov 13, 2015 Listen
BRANDS or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 11/7/15)Nov 07, 2015 Listen
#FAT DAMAGE (Wrestling Soup 11/5/15)Nov 07, 2015 Listen
SPOOKY SPECTACULAR or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 10/31/15)Nov 01, 2015 Listen
FAT'LL DO NICELY or KEVIN "BIG TIME" CASTLE (Wrestling Soup 10/29/15)Oct 30, 2015 Listen
HECK IN A BOX POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 10/25/15)Oct 26, 2015 Listen
GHOOOooOOSTS!! or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 10/24/15)Oct 25, 2015 Listen
DANIEL BRYAN PLANTS TREE or HECK IN A BOX RUNDOWN(Wrestling Soup 10/22/15)Oct 23, 2015 Listen
ADDRESSING THE ISSUE or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 10/17/15)Oct 18, 2015 Listen
PLATFORM AGNOSTIC JANITOR or I WANTED TO BE A PIZZA ROLL (Wrestling Soup 10/15/15)Oct 16, 2015 Listen
BECAUSE WWE THATS WHY or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 10/10/15)Oct 10, 2015 Listen
WRESTLING SOUP CHALLENGE or CLASSY (Wrestling Soup 10/8/15)Oct 09, 2015 Listen
WWE IS THE REASON SHOWS LIKE US EXIST or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 10/3/15)Oct 03, 2015 Listen
MADUSA IS THE SNAKE PLISSKEN OF WWE (Wrestling Soup 10/1/15)Oct 02, 2015 Listen
THE 3 DANA'S or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 9/26/15)Sep 26, 2015 Listen
IS MICHAEL HAYES, BRAD PITT OR GEORGE CLOONEY? (Wrestling Soup 9/24/15)Sep 25, 2015 Listen
NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 9/20/15)Sep 21, 2015 Listen
OBAMA'S BEEN BOOKED WRONG or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 9/19/15)Sep 19, 2015 Listen
THE DIVAS REVOLUTION IS OFFICIALLY DEAD (Wrestling Soup 9/17/15)Sep 18, 2015 Listen
WSPTSMSPMB w/JON DRAPER (Wrestling Soup 9/12/15)Sep 13, 2015 Listen
BEING NIKKI BELLA or THE PATRIOTS FU TOUR (Wrestling Soup 9/10/15)Sep 11, 2015 Listen
IS COLBY LOPEZ A "HATE SYMPATHIZER"? or WSPTSMSBS(Wrestling Soup 9/5/15)Sep 06, 2015 Listen
PSM GUY or DOES THIS TASTE FUNNY TO YOU JOHN?(Wrestling Soup 9/3/15)Sep 04, 2015 Listen
THE SOLOBOX SOUPS OFF (Wrestling Soup 8/29/15)Aug 29, 2015 Listen
CHUBBY GILLESPE or KEVIN CASTLEPALOOZA (Wrestling Soup 8/27/15)Aug 28, 2015 Listen
WWE SUMMERSLAM / NXT TAKEOVER POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 8/23/15)Aug 24, 2015 Listen
WSPTSMSBS or SHAMING (Wrestling Soup 8/22/15)Aug 22, 2015 Listen
LARRY THE WHEELBARROW & JENNY GUMBALLS (Wrestling Soup 8/20/15)Aug 21, 2015 Listen
WSPTSMSB w/ GUEST JON (Wrestling Soup 8/15/15)Aug 15, 2015 Listen
BACK FROM VACATION or NXT FOR KIDS (Wrestling Soup 8/13/15)Aug 14, 2015 Listen
SOONER OR LATER EVERYONE PAYS THE PIPER (Wrestling Soup 8/1/15)Aug 02, 2015 Listen
HOGAN'S ESKIMO BROTHER or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 7/25/15)Jul 26, 2015 Listen
1/40TH UNDERTAKER or WRESTLEROTICA (Wrestling Soup 7/23/15)Jul 24, 2015 Listen
WWE BATTLEGROUND POST SHOW or GRANDPA'S MISSING (Wrestling Soup 7/19/15)Jul 20, 2015 Listen
VINCE RUSSO & THE ENTITLED or WSPTSMSBS(Wrestling Soup 7/18/15)Jul 18, 2015 Listen
YAMA-CON or THE MINISTRY OF DARK DARKNESS(Wrestling Soup 7/16/15)Jul 17, 2015 Listen
DUSTY IN OUTER SPACE or WSPTSMSBS(Wrestling Soup 7/11/15)Jul 12, 2015 Listen
IM EXHAUSTED I JUST HAD A 6 MINUTE MATCH (Wrestling Soup 7/9/15)Jul 10, 2015 Listen
JOEY THINKS ABOUT GETTING PREGGERS or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 7/4/15)Jul 04, 2015 Listen
BILL DING or $95 for a PHILLIP BROOKS SHIRT (Wrestling Soup 7/2/15)Jul 03, 2015 Listen
A GREAT COLLECTION OF VOICEMAILS or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 6/27/15)Jun 28, 2015 Listen
ITS JUST A WORD or INJURY SOUP (Wrestling Soup 6/25/15)Jun 26, 2015 Listen
WSPTSMSBS or STUFF n THINGS (Wrestling Soup 6/20/15)Jun 20, 2015 Listen
TONIGHT YOU (Wrestling Soup 6/18/15)Jun 19, 2015 Listen
MITB POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 6/14/15)Jun 15, 2015 Listen
WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 6/13/15)Jun 14, 2015 Listen
R.I.P. AMERICAN DREAM (Wrestling Soup 6/11/15)Jun 12, 2015 Listen
#FATDAMAGE or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 6/6/15)Jun 08, 2015 Listen
ELIMINATION CHAMBER POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 5/31/15)Jun 01, 2015 Listen
WSPTSMSMS THE MENSES EDITION (Wrestling Soup 5/30/15)May 31, 2015 Listen
SHINDIES or THE MEH ERA (Wrestling Soup 5/28/15)May 29, 2015 Listen
WSPTSMSMS & TOLLU (Wrestling Soup 5/23/15)May 24, 2015 Listen
I'D WALK AROUND IN A MISSY ELLIOT SUIT SO HARD (Wrestling Soup 5/21/15)May 22, 2015 Listen
I QUIT or PAYBACK POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 5/17/15)May 18, 2015 Listen
WSPTSMSBS HAS FANS (Wrestling Soup 5/16/15)May 16, 2015 Listen
KILL HIM or SPOILED LITTLE BRATS (Wrestling Soup 5/14/15)May 15, 2015 Listen
WSPTSMSBS BELIEVES IN A THING CALLED LOVE (Wrestling Soup 5/9/15)May 09, 2015 Listen
WWE HEROS or RUSSO IS STUPID AS F%$# AGAIN (Wrestling Soup 5/7/15)May 08, 2015 Listen
WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 5/2/15)May 03, 2015 Listen
THE SYSTEM or JEFF HARDY FOOTJOBS (Wrestling Soup 4/30/15)May 01, 2015 Listen
EXTREME RULES POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 4/26/15)Apr 27, 2015 Listen
SAMOA JOE VERSUS WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 4/25/15)Apr 26, 2015 Listen
BLOKE SOUP (Wrestling Soup 4/23/15)Apr 24, 2015 Listen
WHEN IT REIGNS IT POURS or WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 4/18/15)Apr 19, 2015 Listen
VINTAGE ME or ST. JOHN CENA (Wrestling Soup 4/11/15)Apr 12, 2015 Listen
WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 4/4/15)Apr 05, 2015 Listen
FAN CALL IN SHOW or NOT BLACK ENOUGH (Wrestling Soup 4/2/15)Apr 03, 2015 Listen
ANNUAL WRESTLEMANIA POST SUPER SHOW (Wrestling Soup 3/30/15)Mar 30, 2015 Listen
WSPTSMSBS GETS READY FOR WRESTLEMANIA (Wrestling Soup 3/28/15)Mar 29, 2015 Listen
CENA IS NOT AMERICAN or WM31 GO HOME SHOW (Wrestling Soup 3/26/15)Mar 27, 2015 Listen
WSPTSMSBS DO THE DEW (Wrestling Soup 3/7/15)Mar 22, 2015 Listen
YOU KNOW WHO I FEEL SORRY FOR? (Wrestling Soup 3/19/15)Mar 20, 2015 Listen
SITTIN AROUND TALKIN BOUT DRAGONS (Wrestling Soup 3/12/15)Mar 13, 2015 Listen
WSPTSMSBS GETS VACUMMED (Wrestling Soup 3/7/15)Mar 08, 2015 Listen
BILL DEMOTE OR PRETTY YOUNG THINGS (Wrestling Soup 3/5/15)Mar 06, 2015 Listen
TWICE IN A LIFETIME SOLOMONSTER (Wrestling Soup 2/26/15)Feb 27, 2015 Listen
FASTLANE POST SHOW OR #CANCELTHEFREENETWORK (Wrestling Soup 2/22/15)Feb 23, 2015 Listen
THE AFROMAN VERSION WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 2/21/15)Feb 22, 2015 Listen
WRESTLING SOUP & THE LIZ N LISA SHOW (Wrestling Soup 2/19/15)Feb 20, 2015 Listen
THE VD EDITION OF WSPTSMSBS (Wrestling Soup 2/14/15)Feb 16, 2015 Listen
NXT RIVAL FELT LIKE THE ATTITUDE ERA (Wrestling Soup 2/12/15)Feb 13, 2015 Listen
STUMP LOVE. THAT IS ALL. (Wrestling Soup 2/7/15)Feb 08, 2015 Listen
GHOST TOES or THE DR PHIL EPISODE (Wrestling Soup 2/5/15)Feb 06, 2015 Listen
FAT DAMAGE THE SHOW (Wrestling Soup 2/1/15)Feb 03, 2015 Listen
THE INCREDIBLY TALENTED ROMANS REIGNS (Wrestling Soup 1/29/15)Jan 30, 2015 Listen
ROYAL RUMBLE AFTERPARTY W/ DON TONY (Wrestling Soup 1/25/15)Jan 26, 2015 Listen
ALEX LEVINE OF THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM or THE 2014/15 WRESTLING SOUPIES (Wrestling Soup 1/22/15)Jan 23, 2015 Listen
WRESTLING SOUP-MONSTER SOUNDS OFF (Wrestling Soup 1/20/15)Jan 21, 2015 Listen
SATURDAY FAN-MAIL SHOW (Wrestling Soup 1/17/15)Jan 18, 2015 Listen
20 SECOND TOTAL DIVAS or HE'S VERY "WEST COAST" (Wrestling Soup 1/15/15)Jan 16, 2015 Listen
KEVIN CASTLED (Wrestling Soup 1/8/15)Jan 09, 2015 Listen
HAPPY NEW YEAR (Wrestling Soup 1/1/15)Jan 02, 2015 Listen
MERRY DMX-MAS (Wrestling Soup 12/18/14)Dec 19, 2014 Listen
TLCSBEN (Wrestling Soup 12/14/14)Dec 15, 2014 Listen
PUNK IN UFC or QUALITY TNA LOGO (Wrestling Soup 12/11/14)Dec 12, 2014 Listen
FAREWELL CM PUNK WE HARDLY KNEW YE (Wrestling Soup 12/4/14)Dec 05, 2014 Listen
MR. HANDY or RUDYHYPNOL (Wrestling Soup 11/20/14)Nov 21, 2014 Listen
IM FEELING ACCOMPLISHED! (Wrestling Soup 11/13/14)Nov 14, 2014 Listen
YEAH JEETS! (Wrestling Soup 11/6/14)Nov 07, 2014 Listen
POT. KETTLE. BLACK. (Wrestling Soup 10/30/14)Oct 31, 2014 Listen
HECK IN A BOX 14 (Wrestling Soup 10/26/14)Oct 27, 2014 Listen
THATS THE JOKE (Wrestling Soup 10/23/14)Oct 24, 2014 Listen
HELLO ITS JOHN CENA I AM HERE TO RAP ABOUT THINGS (Wrestling Soup 10/16/14)Oct 17, 2014 Listen
HHH IS NXT or BUTTERNUT SQUASH (Wrestling Soup 10/9/14)Oct 10, 2014 Listen
ONLY TWO TYPES OF MEN (Wrestling Soup 10/2/14)Oct 03, 2014 Listen
MATH or VOCABULARY or KID ROCK** (Wrestling Soup 9/25/14)Sep 26, 2014 Listen
NIGHT OF CHAMPEENS (Wrestling Soup 9/21/14)Sep 22, 2014 Listen
MONDAY NIGHT WARS FAIL or OTHER (Wrestling Soup 9/18/14)Sep 19, 2014 Listen
ITS SO HARD (Wrestling Soup 9/11/14)Sep 12, 2014 Listen
R.I.P. PAUL HEYMAN (Wrestling Soup 9/4/14)Sep 05, 2014 Listen
THE STING FAIRYTALE (Wrestling Soup 8/27/14)Sep 05, 2014 Listen
THE BROCK (Wrestling Soup 8/22/14)Sep 05, 2014 Listen
GTFO AND STAY OUT! (Wrestling Soup 8/7/14)Aug 08, 2014 Listen
WRESTLING SOUP (Wrestling Soup 7/20/14)Jul 25, 2014 Listen
MASSACENA (Wrestling Soup 7/10/14)Jul 11, 2014 Listen
SHOOTING ENDANGERED RHINOS IN THE FACE (Wrestling Soup 7/3/14)Jul 04, 2014 Listen
BRICK IN OUR SOUP! (Wrestling Soup 6/12/14)Jun 27, 2014 Listen
WWE UNIVERSE YOU HAVE BEEN BURNED! (Wrestling Soup 6/12/14)Jun 20, 2014 Listen
BUSFLIP 2014! (Wrestling Soup 6/12/14)Jun 13, 2014 Listen
GIVE THE MONEY LIPS! (Wrestling Soup 6/4/14)Jun 06, 2014 Listen
ITS NOT DAVE PRAZAK! (Wrestling Soup 5/28/14)May 30, 2014 Listen
SIERRA HOTEL INDIA ECHO DELTA...REID (Wrestling Soup 5/22/14)May 23, 2014 Listen
IT DOESNT MATTER... YOU WATCH TOTAL DIVAS (Wrestling Soup 5/8/14)May 17, 2014 Listen
THE DEMON JESSICA (Wrestling Soup 5/8/14)May 09, 2014 Listen
A SPECIAL EVENT (Wrestling Soup 5/5/14)May 05, 2014 Listen
TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY SOUP (Wrestling Soup 5/1/14)May 02, 2014 Listen
A WEEK WITHOUT SUNSHINE (Wrestling Soup 4/17/14)Apr 19, 2014 Listen
A LONG WEEK (Wrestling Soup 4/10/14)Apr 11, 2014 Listen
THE HOOK (Wrestling Soup 3/27/14)Mar 28, 2014 Listen
#### pt2. (Wrestling Soup 3/20/14)Mar 21, 2014 Listen
#### (Wrestling Soup 3/4/14)Mar 06, 2014 Listen
THE WORST OF WRESTLING SOUP 13' (Wrestling Soup 1/23/14)Jan 24, 2014 Listen
WRESTLING SOUPIES 2013. (Wrestling Soup 1/16/14)Jan 19, 2014 Listen
OR 120 YEARS AS CHUCK PALUMBO. (Wrestling Soup 1/9/14)Jan 10, 2014 Listen
SOUPMAS (Wrestling Soup 12/12/13)Dec 13, 2013 Listen
HEAD OF CREATIVE SOUP (Wrestling Soup 12/05/13)Dec 06, 2013 Listen
THANKSGIVING SOUP (Wrestling Soup 11/26/13)Nov 27, 2013 Listen
THE GOOD OLD DAYS or FREESTYLE SOUP (Wrestling Soup 11/21/13)Nov 22, 2013 Listen
THE THURSDAY or HHH NEEDS A SNUGGLE (Wrestling Soup 11/14/13)Nov 15, 2013 Listen
SOMETHING WE'RE NEGLECTING (Wrestling Soup 11/07/13)Nov 08, 2013 Listen
HECK IN A BOX POST PPV SHOW(Wrestling Soup 10/27/13)Oct 28, 2013 Listen
HE INJURED HIS VEMMA or JOEY HAD A STROKE(Wrestling Soup 10/24/13)Oct 25, 2013 Listen
DON TONY & KEVIN CASTLE SHOW *SOUP EDITION(Wrestling Soup 10/21/13)Oct 22, 2013 Listen
YOURE A GREAT HUGGER or DRUNK GUY & RICH GUY(Wrestling Soup 10/17/13)Oct 18, 2013 Listen
PAPER-COIN or NOSE-REST(Wrestling Soup 10/13/13)Oct 14, 2013 Listen
OVER THE LIMIT POST PPV SHOW (Wrestling Soup 10/06/13)Oct 07, 2013 Listen
1993 (Wrestling Soup 9/22/13)Sep 23, 2013 Listen
OPPOSITES ATTRACT (FIXED EPISODE) (Wrestling Soup 9/15/13)Sep 16, 2013 Listen
JOEY NUMBAS- IGNITION (REMIX) (REMIX)(Wrestling Soup 9/12/13)Sep 13, 2013 Listen
WHITE TRASH SOUP or Y U NO SOUP ON THURSDAY?(Wrestling Soup 9/8/13)Sep 09, 2013 Listen
THY KINGDOM COME or THE FAKEST LIST IN THE WORLD (Wrestling Soup 8/22/13)Aug 23, 2013 Listen
CONGRATULATIONS DARREN YOUNG!(Wrestling Soup 8/15/13)Aug 16, 2013 Listen
STICKY MAN or A LETHAL UNDERDOSE(Wrestling Soup 8/08/13)Aug 09, 2013 Listen
AUGUST 1ST SURPRISE or DONT WORRY CENA'S GOT THIS!(Wrestling Soup 8/01/13)Aug 02, 2013 Listen
BACK (Wrestling Soup 7/25/13)Jul 26, 2013 Listen
GOLD CHAINS or 2 SCOOPED(Wrestling Soup 6/27/13)Jun 29, 2013 Listen
DON TONY SOUP or WWE's LAST MINUTE SAVIORS (Wrestling Soup 6/20/13)Jun 21, 2013 Listen
PAYBACK POST SOUP (Wrestling Soup 6/16/13)Jun 17, 2013 Listen
THE BOSTON BROWNS or THIS IS LAST WEEKS SHOW(Wrestling Soup 6/13/13)Jun 14, 2013 Listen
BRAY WYATT or CRINGE SOUP(Wrestling Soup 5/30/13)Jun 01, 2013 Listen
NOT A TUPPERWARE PARTY or THE BUSFLIP LIST(Wrestling Soup 5/23/13)May 25, 2013 Listen
SOMEWHAT EXTREME RULES(Wrestling Soup 5/19/13)May 20, 2013 Listen
WHITE PEOPLE CLUB or MINISTER JOEY NUMBAS(Wrestling Soup 5/16/13)May 17, 2013 Listen
nOM nOM w/NUMBAS or NUMBAS & FRIENDS(Wrestling Soup 5/9/13)May 11, 2013 Listen
YOUR CHILDREN ARE FAILURES or IM SORRY(Wrestling Soup 5/2/13)May 03, 2013 Listen